500-20 AL

emco installation frame 500 Aluminium 500-20 AL

  • Outside (Zone 1)
  • Indoor and outdoor (covered, Zone 1+2)
emco installation frame 500 Aluminium 500-20 AL

emco installation frame 500 Aluminium 500-20 AL

Technical data

DescriptionThe emco installation frame 500 consists of angled profiles with mitred corners. The sturdy gusset plates supplied ensure a screw connection that is true to size. The scope of delivery includes wall anchors; stainless steel versions for use in wet areas are available on request. The frame is supplied either ready for assembly or pre-assembled (e.g. in the case of frames with curved sections or several sections, etc.).
Approx. material thickness (mm)3,0
Installation guideThe frame (A) must sit flush both with the appropriate substrate (H) in the mat well and with the indoor floor covering (J). Mat and mat well: The mat well base (H), which is usually screed, must be completely level. Any unevenness in the mat well must be smoothed out before the mat is laid. In such cases we recommend using a liquid levelling compound. The frame can be either glued into the mat well, fixed mechanically or firmly embedded into the appropriate substrate with the optionally available frame anchors. It is important to ensure that the frame and the entrance mat are in full contact.
Model500-20 AL
Frame dimensions (H x W x D) in mm20 x 30 x 3 Aluminium
Technical drawingemco installation frame 500 Aluminium 500-20 AL


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