522 PSL Outdoor

emco MARSCHALL Premium Large With Outdoor insert 522 PSL Outdoor

The extra-wide, long-lasting Premium entrance mat with the Outdoor insert for demonstrably thorough removal of coarse dirt. Ideal for buildings with extreme loading.

  • Street dust, hair, sand, ash, textile fibres, small leaves and twigs, loose chippings, coarse sand, small gravel particles
  • Indoor and outdoor (covered, Zone 1+2)
  • 5 years guarantee
  • R 11 slip resistance as per DIN 51130
  • Cfl-s1
  • class 33 (heavy commercial use)

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Entrance design
With emco MARSCHALL Premium Large With Outdoor insert 522 PSL Outdoor.







Technical data

Approx. height (mm)22
Roll-over and drive-over capability:Wheelchairs
Sack-/hand truck
hand trolleys
Light shopping trolleys
pallet trucks
Electric lift truck
Lifting platform (i.e scissor lift )
Standard profile clearance approx. (mm)5 mm, rubber spacers
Automatic door systemsProfile clearance of 3 mm available as an option for revolving door drives, in accordance with EN 16005
ConnectionPlastic-coated stainless steel cable
Max. width/profile length for individual section (mm):3000
Profile width (mm)46.5 mm
Depth/walking depth for individual section (mm):800
Weight (kg/m²)13,8
Mat division as per factory standardsFrom a profile length of 3000 mm or a maximum mat weight of 30 kg. For profile lengths above 2300 mm, a surcharge is applicable . Mat devisions/splits possible at customer's request.
Support chassisReinforced support chassis made using rigid aluminium with Premium sound absorbing insulation on the underside
Support chassis colourAluminium as standard. Anodised colours for an additional charge: EV3 gold, C33 mid-bronze, C35 black or C31 stainless steel
Tread surfaceThe weather-resistant Outdoor insert for noticeably thorough removal of coarse dirt.
Slip resistanceR 11 slip resistance as per DIN 51130
FlammabilityFire classification for the complete mat system Cfl-s1 in accordance with EN 13501
Pile material100% PA 6 (polyamide)
Use classification EN1307class 33 (heavy commercial use)
Colour fastness to artificial light ISO 105-B02excellent 7
Colour fastness to rubbing ISO 105 X12good 4-5
Colour fastness to water ISO 105 E01good 4-5
Bacterial reduction EHEC ASTM-e214922,4 %
Bacterial reduction staphylococcus aureus ASTM-e214917,3 %
Bacterial reduction klebsiella pneumoniae ASTM-e21499,8 %
Technical drawingemco MARSCHALL Premium Large With Outdoor insert 522 PSL Outdoor


  • Measured using laser measuring device on site.
  • Fitting and installation service
  • Construction site advice
  • Dimensioning
  • Installation service
  • Repairs
  • The product can be disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.



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emco MARSCHALL Premium Large With Outdoor insert - 522 PSL Outdoor

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