Original entrance mats

with brush, ribbed carpet or rubber insert

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Well-established entrance mat standard. High quality and functional.

For many years, our original entrance mats have proved that they fulfil their function. Dirt is trapped: for greater cleanliness in the entrance area and throughout the entire building.

Mats from emco

Our original
entrance mats.

Our original DIPLOMAT and MARSCHALL entrance mats offer great cleaning performance and a wide range of options in terms of functional and visual design.

Entrance mat with TÜV certificate and fire protection

Our emco DIPLOMAT entrance mat is suitable for normal to heavy loads. This universal solution is the perfect choice in environments including office buildings, clinics and the retail sector.

Entrance mat with TÜV certificate and fire protection

emco MARSCHALL is the number-one choice for extreme footfall. This entrance mat is even capable of withstanding the weight of pallet trucks and cars. As a result, it is suitable for use in environments including shopping centres, railway stations and airports.

Three inserts for the best choice for your building.

Our original entrance mats can be fitted with three different types of insert. That means you can optimise the functions and design of your entrance mats for your own building. Choose between brush, rubber or ribbed carpet inserts.

Rubber entrance mats for added cleanliness
1 Black rubber

The weather-resistant rubber insert. Also suitable for outdoor use and removing coarse dirt.

brushmats for protection against coarse dirt
2 Cassette brush

Exceptionally thorough. Available in black or grey, our cassette brushes remove more coarse dirt than ever.

Ribbed entrance matting with coarse-fibre rib for protection against dirt
3 Coarse-fibre rib

Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use. Dimensionally stable and abrasion resistant with excellent dirt absorption capacity.

emco original entrance mats. Well-established standard.

Our original entrance mats have been keeping buildings of every size clean for years. You too can benefit from the advanced functions and proven quality of our entrance mats. Due to the floor-level installation (recessed), our entrance mat range is barrier-free according to DIN-EN standard 17210.

Type of dirt
Roll-over and drive-over capability
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