Clean-off system PRESTIGE

  • Cfl-s1
  • Highly suitable for property
  • Anti-static
  • Castor-resistant
  • Suitable for stairs
  • DS (EN 13893)
  • Resistant strength
  • Luxurious
Clean-off system PRESTIGE

Clean-off system PRESTIGE

Clean-off system PRESTIGE

Technical data

ConstructionTufting-Velours 1/8''
Pile above substrate100% polyamide
Substrate materialPolyester fleece
Backing materialHeavy coating
Pile weight / fibre weight975 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²)3560 g/m²
Overall height (mm)8 mm
Tuft density/m²141730 m²
Slip resistanceDS (EN 13893)
CertificatesCE conformity EN 14041 (rolls only)
Supplied as rolls130 cm wide (incl. border)
200 cm wide (incl. border)
Product characteristicsSoiling and moisture absorption
LayingIndividual rolls or smaller coverings can be laid loose on any smooth floor. For larger areas, and allowing for on-site conditions, we recommend fixed laying with an adhesive suitable for plasticised PVC.
CleaningDirt removal with powerful brush vacuum cleaner. The spray extraction process is recommended for periodic basic cleaning. Cleaning with plenty of water is absolutely no problem, water temperature should not be above 40°C. Do not use chlorinated hydrocarbon (Tetra).
Combustion/fire behaviourCfl-s1
Comfort valueLuxurious



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