Cleaning and care instructions

To enable your Clean Off product to maintain its performance over time and to provide the best possible dirt uptake, please note the following instructions.

1. General cleaning
Depending on visitor numbers, daily cleaning is recommended. We recommend a powerful rotary brush vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners with one or two brush rolls remove the dirt right down to the substrate material. The brushes also lift the pile upright again and keep the Clean Off zone “open” to new dirt.

2. Intermediate cleaning
The spray extraction method is perfect for periodically cleaning your Clean Off zone. First, remove loosely adhering dirt with the brush vacuum cleaner. Then, water is injected under high pressure (with the addition of a detergent if necessary) into the Clean Off zone and subsequently sucked out. Finally, be sure to rinse the covering with clean water. Can intensive cleaning damage your Clean Off zone? No. The specially developed yarn construction, the robust quality inks. and the waterproof backing material have all been designed for frequent and intensive cleaning.

3. Deep cleaning
At certain intervals – depending on the footfall in the Clean Off zone – deep cleaning is necessary. First of all, vacuum up the loose dirt with a brush type vacuum cleaner and then shampoo the Clean Off with a contra-rotating 3-disc machine. Immediately afterwards, rinse and vacuum using a rinsing and vacuum machine. Use a neutral detergent to rinse away grease, oil or chemicals in lukewarm water.

4. High-pressure cleaning
The mat must first be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner before starting the high-pressure cleaning process. Next, hang the mat in a suitable location, and then you can go to work with a commercial pressure washer. Please ensure an appropriate distance is maintained between the nozzle of the pressure washer and the Clean Off to avoid damage. For preference, leave the Clean Off mat hanging until it is completely dry.

5. Scrubbing
Caution: only suitable for glued Clean Off zones! Is your Clean Off zone extremely dirty? Then it's time to use a scrubbing machine! However, the first step is to clean the Clean Off with a brush vacuum cleaner. Stubborn dirt (e.g. fats or oils) require regular scrubbing at short intervals.

6. Stain removal
Treat stains as early as possible as some substances can cause permanent damage to fibres and inks. How quickly you act will determine how successfully the mat can be cleaned. Nearly 80 % of all fresh stains can be removed with clean water. Sponge off and absorb liquids with a towel. Concentrated, dried-in substances must be loosened (e.g. with a scraper) and brushed out. Water-soluble stains should be remoistened with a little water and sponged off. Please note that stains must be sponged off and not rubbed in. Always work from the outer edges inwards to avoid making the stains bigger. Repeat this process if necessary.

If you are not able to remove stubborn stains using this method, contact us for recommendations of suitable products.

Cleaning and care instructions

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