Entrance mats with seamless transition to floor covering

Clean-off system absorbs moisture and traps dirt.

Clean-off system protects floor coverings from wear caused by moisture and dirt.

Makes the whole building safer by reducing slip hazards. Cuts cleaning costs. Refurbishment costs are reduced thanks to the longer renewal intervals. Areas subject to severe stress, such as walking zones, elevators or corridors benefit particularly from Clean-off.

Read how to reduce your cleaning costs with our clean-off system.
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Step by step.
Dry. Clean. Safe.

Every step taken on our clean-off system traps moisture and residual dirt. The probability of slip accidents is reduced. Cleaning costs are reduced.

So it makes sense to use our clean-off system everywhere – not just in entrance areas.

Functional and versatile.

The adaptability of our clean-off system makes it very versatile.
Discover the possibilities and use emco clean-off floor coverings for your building.

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