Labels, transponders & accessories for our dirt collection mats

Personalise your dirt collection mats with your own labels

In addition to the standard configuration of the dirt collection mats, each mat in the modular system can be fitted out with various labels for the washing service. These labels help to identify the mats, for instance, or can be used for your own advertising. So you can, on request, have your own personal label attached to the mats.

Standard labels

All emco carpet mats have a label with the date of manufacture and an emco border label as standard.

Special labels

emco carpet mats can also be provided with specific labels on request. These labels can show company data, inventory information, washing instructions or similar. Different options and positions are available: the label can be on the back of the mat or on the border on the front.


The emco carpet mat labels can be positioned in portrait or landscape format.

Transponders, RFID tags for storing specific data!

Tag your dirt collection mats with transponders: the dirt collection mats used in the textile care sector can be clearly identified at any time in this way. The use of RFID tags can save time and money in textile cleaning companies and speed up logistics processes.

Other accessories for emco dirt collection mats

If you work in the textile service sector, make the most of the advantages of labelling dirt collection mats. In addition to labels and transponders, we offer the following special equipment on request:

  • reinforced rubber backing for better grip
  • embossing on reverse
  • dimpled backing
  • a stock numbering label
  • Velcro fasteners to fix the floor mats in place
  • special colours from the Pantone palette.

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Double rubber backing
Embossing on reverse
Dimpled backing
Stock numbering label
Velcro fasteners for fixing in place
Special colours (Pantone or RAL references)

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