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Reorganisation measures, refurbishment and modernisation are all perfect opportunities to correct previous mistakes. Deciding not to have clean-off mats is the same as deciding not to maintain the value of your property and reduce long-term costs.

A clean-off mat reduces damage from dirt and moisture to your valuable flooring. This extends the cleaning and replacement intervals, keeping costs down. It reduces the risk of accidents caused by slipping as the moisture is captured by the clean-off mat.

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Clean-off mats.
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modernisation and refurbishment with premium clean-off mats
emco premium clean-off mats

Contamination and moisture are thoroughly wiped off and removed before they can damage your flooring. Extended option for particularly high-quality design.

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clean-off mats for refurbishment and modernisation
emco original clean-off mats

Reliable removal of contamination. Good dirt uptake. emco original clean-off mats offer proven quality and good basic functionality. Three inserts and many different colours available.

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modernisation with special solutions for clean-off mats
clean-off mat special solutions

Elements with extra functionality, more design options, reduce barriers, for high levels of contamination and loading. Discover special solutions for clean-off mats.

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