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Cleaning and care

for emco clean-off mats

For a long service life.

emco clean-off mats are robust and durable. Cleaning and care are also quick and easy! Most emco clean-off mats are designed so that the majority of the dirt falls through the gaps into the mat well.

Nevertheless: Regular care and cleaning improves the cleaning performance and prolongs the service life of your emco clean-off mat. emco goes even further in simplifying the cleaning of your entrance mat!

Clean-off mat information for investors

Laying, cleaning and maintenance instructions for emco clean-off mat systems.
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Cleaning clean-off mats
in three simple steps:

Clean-off mat cleaning information
Light soiling

Vacuum once a day: depending on usage levels, your emco entrance mat should be cleaned every day with a brush vacuum cleaner. This will remove light soiling.

Information on the cleaning of clean-off mats
Medium soiling

Sweep once a week: after vacuuming and rolling up the mat, simply sweep clean the underside and the mat well with a broom. This will remove the collected dirt.

How do I clean heavily soiled clean-off mats?
Heavy soiling

Wash once a month: after thorough cleaning, treat with a pressure washer. Lay the mat again after a short drying time. Alternatively, use a standard floor cleaning machine.

Cleaning of clean-off mats:
quick and easy.

This video shows you how to achieve a lasting high cleaning performance and quality appearance of your clean-off mats.

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