Palais Vest: Inviting reception area for the special shopping experience

The "Palais Vest", one of the most modern shopping centers in the Ruhr area, is located in the heart of Recklinghausen.

02.03.2017 - The "Palais Vest", one of the most modern shopping centers in the Ruhr area, is located in the heart of Recklinghausen. Situated at the edge of the old town and opposite to the historic town hall of 1908, the center, which was opened at the end of 2014, is both a city-centered jewel and an audience magnet. The total area of ​​41,700 m² covers 120 shops and service providers as well as various restaurants, which are located in the so-called "Orangerie" - the catering area. This not only invites the building complex to an extensive shopping spree, but also offers a wide range of leisure activities. Ecological, economic and social sustainability is always the main focus for those responsible. The "Palais Vest" has the DGNB Platinum as well as the BREEAM DE certificate and was also awarded the "4-star label" awarded by the French parent company Unibail-Rodamco to shopping centers with a special feel-good factor. Visitors can already feel it when they enter the center, when they are received by a clean, safe and representative ambience. This is achieved by the "Marschall" mat systems from emco Bau, which are integrated into every input area as an integral part of the overall concept.

The "Palais Vest" - named after its castle architecture and the mediaeval court district around Recklinghausen - is a complex of two individual buildings connected by a glazed transition. The shopping center comprises a total of three storeys plus a 750-seat car park. The façade clad in sandstone harmoniously fits into the cityscape. Inside, the building meets the requirements of its name. There is a giant chandelier above the vestibule, one of the main entrances, while the ceiling and the walls are decorated with ornaments.

The special appeal of the shopping center for customers is also reflected in the "4-star label". The "Palais Vest" is divided into shopping centers such as the "Carrousel du Louvre" in Paris, the "Nacka Forum" in Stockholm or the "Danube Center" in Vienna. The parent company can be identified by an external service provider on the basis of an extremely comprehensive test catalog. Over 600 criteria include quality management, services such as a reception, free Wi-Fi or bookable staff shoppers, as well as an inviting shopping atmosphere and unique shopping experiences.

Such a concept places high demands on the highly frequented entrance areas of the center. In order to ensure a clean, safe and representative environment, input mat systems are used, which have been designed for more than 2,000 inspections per day and can also be driven by means of lifting and transport vehicles. A special construction as well as profiles made of torsion-resistant aluminum with a material thickness of 2.5 mm ensure a long-lasting functionality and extreme resilience.

Harmoniously tailored to the demanding overall concept, the visitors enter each entrance area via a mat with red-colored ribbed insoles, which at the same time conveys the appearance of a stylish red carpet inviting to the interior of the building. In addition, due to the differentiated entrance design, almost every mats form is unique in its form. The spectrum ranges from classic square to round in the range from rotary doors up to convex or concave as well as with Profilleisten as a design accent.

In particularly heavily frequented areas, a mat with rubber and cassette brush pads alternately supplements the system in the external area, thereby increasing the tread area of ​​the total solution and its effectiveness. The dirt particles rubbed off from the soles of the shoe fall through the profile interspaces into special dirt traps. Since they are designed with a depth of 53 mm on an increased dirt attack, they have to be swept and cleaned by the cleaning staff of the "Palais Vest" every six months.

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