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Every single visitor to a building walks through the entrance. So it’s the only place where you can prevent dirt and moisture from being trodden all over the interior.

Our solutions maintain the value of your asset! Our entrance matting systems trap dirt. Preserve your valuable floor coverings and cut cleaning costs. Reducing moisture makes for a healthier building. Our clean-off systems are designed so that you can tailor them flexibly to suit your architecture.

Entrance mats

Design your entrance area functionally and attractively with emco entrance mats.

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Clean-off floor coverings

Indoor floor covering with cleaning function for dirt collection zones supplied on the roll, or in mat or tile form

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Carpet mats

Carpet mats are ideal for trapping low-level dirt and moisture.

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Swimming pool grates

Free in design. Our swimming pool grates offer many possibilities for the design of swimming pools. 

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Building solutions

Dirt barriers from emco.

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Architects trust us


Architects, planners, investors and developers the world over use emco clean-off systems. Get to know our aluminium profile mats, carpet mats, entrance mats, ring rubber mats, swimming pool gratings and other products.. Meet us at a trade fair. Or simply give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your projects.

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emco Bau wins Best Dirt-Trap System 2018

It all comes down to length

Every visitor brings up to 12 grams of dirt into a building, including tiny stones, moisture and even road salt in the winter. This dirt damages your floor coverings and results in high cleaning costs.

The 3-zone cleaning system effectively reduces the ingress of dirt as a costly damaging factor. Its impact improves a little more with each step, too, as the more contact a visitor has with the clean-off system, the stronger its effect becomes.

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10% less dirt

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Information on entrance mats and cleanliness

Everything you need to know about keeping entrance areas clean.  
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Not all dirt is equal.

That is why emco 3-zone cleaning combines different specialised mats to create a sensible system: optimised for your needs!

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